Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

These terms of use governs the way you use our website, mobile application or any other micro site related to “The Leather Jungle”. All the properties available on our website are suitable for people who are of 18 years of age and more. By browsing these properties, using any information provided on your website you are agreeing for all the terms and conditions that we have mentioned. We keep updating these terms and conditions for time to time and after agreeing to our T&C once, you will be accepting to all the terms and conditions that we have mentioned in the website. You should agree to review these terms and conditions regularly to be aware of the latest conditions. You do not have any right on the properties and Leather Jungle is not responsible for the discontinuation of any product on the site. Kindly read our privacy policy with this terms and conditions so that you will understand all our rules and regulations.

Rights in Materials

When it is between you and Leather Jungle, all the products, logos, content, data, other information (audio, pictures, any illustrations) present on the website are owned by Leather Jungle only. No one is authorized to use any of our properties without prior permission. If this condition is breached, strict actions will be taken on the person and we enforce our intellectual property rights to maximum extent and this includes criminal prosecution. If you infringe the copyrights, strict action will be taken on you with the help of US judiciary and this copyright infringement is against law in many other countries also.


All the trademarks that you see on our website are registered under The Leather Jungle or our affiliated partners’ name. So copying or using these trademarks without our prior permission is against the law and we will surely enforce our rights on our trademarks to the complete extent. This may include criminal prosecution too.

User Information

Whenever you use our products, we may ask you to provide certain user information. It is important for you to provide the information to us. If you reject to provide any such information then you will be unable to access certain products and services provided by The Leather Jungle. If there any requirement for you to provide extra information to get access to certain products then we request you to do it. The password and email Id required for that account must be managed by yourself. If you face any problem with the creation of user Id you can contact us immediately. It is our responsibility to maintain utmost confidentiality about the information of our users. All the information that you provide us will be secured.

Use of the Products

You are solely responsible for the products that you buy on our website. Our main aim is to create a friendly atmosphere in the website and we do not tolerate any such incidences where you disturb that peaceful atmosphere. It is important for you to refrain yourself from doing certain things, such as disturbing other users privacy, violating any rules and regulations, transmission of any illegal goods, making any racist or hate comments, abusing, trolling, harassing or harming the other individuals, trying to post something irrelevant on the website and any doing any other things that disturbs the website and its users is not permitted.


“The Leather House” holds complete rights to terminate any product or service at any time. If you violate any of our terms and conditions the authorization for you to use the products or services will be terminated automatically.

Change of Terms of Use

The Leather House has the authority to change these terms of use at any time. Changes of these terms will be effective immediately.

User Generated Content and Its Utilization

As between you and The Leather House, any data, photographs, audio, video or any other form of information that you provide on our website are only related to you. The data is not confidential and we do not have any proprietary rights on that data. The complete responsibility of the data that you have provided lies with you only and if at all any complications arise because of that data you will be liable for them and The Leather House do not take any responsibility.
Once you have submitted your content to us, The Leather house and our affiliates have rights to use the content anywhere in the world for unlimited time without giving you any notice and compensating you. You should agree for this condition when you are submitting any content to us.
We do not take any responsibility if the data provided by you has been copied or used by someone else in any other websites.

User Promises

You have to agree to take the ownership for your content and should give The Leather House the user rights to use your property anywhere in the world. You have to take the permission from all the people who are appearing in your content or related to the content. You should pay for any obligations that have been raised financially for using your property. The data should not face any copyright infringement.


We hold the right to use the feedback that you present in written form or orally without informing you.


You will defend us and support all the parties that are related to The Leather House for any disputes that have occurred because of your misuse or breaching of any rules and regulations.
Agreement to Arbitrate the Disputes
Arbitrating is nothing but solving any disputes in front of arbitrate and avoiding going to a court. If any disputes rises between you and The Leather Jungle you should agree to go with an arbitrate rather than approaching the court. The judgment and punishment will be similar to the court and if you cannot travel to the specific place you can participate in the discussion through phone.


We do not provide any warranty for the products and services that you buy on our website. We are not liable for any viruses that inflict for your computer or mobile phone while using our website or downloading any pictures from our website.

Terms of Sale

You are liable to order the products if and only if your age is 18 or above.
You have to provide certain information for us while placing an order and that information will be used by us for the completion of transactions.
We always try to deliver the products that are displayed in our website if you find any minor difference like change in color or some other problems, we are not liable for it
You can order the product with some simple steps on our website and after receiving your order, we will send you a mail as an acknowledgement.
The delivery of the product will be made within the specified delivery date and if it is not mentioned then the product will be delivered to you within 30 days after the dispatch.
There are many legal remedies for you if you receive any faulty product from our side.