Company Policy

Company Policy

We are committed to offer a secure and fair market for our customers and whole-sellers. To maintain this pledge, there are a few protocols and policies that have been put in place to govern the expectations of customers and whole-sellers. The actions that we will take will always be to keep you benefitted, help you if anything goes wrong.
If you become familiar with the following given policies, you will help us in maintaining a safe setting for everyone, and avoid any kind of interruptions that might occur from accidental violations of the rules. Some of the rules and policies reflect the local legal requirements, while many others are centered on our experience of how to assure each customer using our services regularly.

The policy section given below provides all the information about the products which can and cannot be sold, guides of creation and maintenance of the listings, details on the protection of your personal details and much more. You will also find the payment agreement and other details. These are some of the most critical information that we have on our database. The information that we collect from you and how we can safeguard it is also mentioned below.

Items sold

We offer bags, gloves, sport wears, motorbike jackets, gloves, official uniforms, army uniforms and much more.

Rules for Customers

When you are purchasing a product on The Leather Jungle, you do agree with the policies set out for the community.

Feedback Policy

Feedback is always welcome and especially when it comes from our patrons and customers. It is always an open forum however there are certain guidelines to ensure that the feedback remains constructive and fair for the community.

Customer Behavior Policy

When you buy something on The Leather Jungle, we respect and expect to safeguard your information. We also expect that you afford other customers with the same civility.

Policy of Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase something from The Leather Jungle, most of the time, we assure that the customer will get the listed product or his money back.

Reports on violation of Policy

If you find out about any kind of policy violations then all you need to do is to email us your given concern. We will get back to you at the earliest.

Identity policy

The information that you provide us, that is, shipping details, personal details will all be kept in our safe database and will not be shared at all with any outsider company or person. This is to make The Leather Jungle a safe forum for the customers.

Payment policy

You can always read through the payment agreement in details to find out about the approved payment methods.

Return Policy

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed on each of our product. But if you feel a need to return then we would be obliged to do so but within 30 days of purchase. We do not accept the return of online orders at our store outlets. You will have to get back to us via email and we take it forward.