About Us

About Us

The story of Leather Jungle began 31 years ago and since then we have never looked back. It is family owned business operating worldwide. We are popular as importers of wholesale leather products. We deal with a wide variety of bags, gloves, sport wears, motorbike jackets, gloves, official uniforms, and army uniforms for our patrons. Our agency works hand in hand with other companies helping them import leather goods.
Customer satisfaction has always been our main objective. This is the reason why we always ensure best quality products for our customers. Meeting the expectation of our customer is our priority. We deliver our products worldwide and continue our growth in USA. The Leather Jungle brings to you the biggest collection of leather gloves for men and women. We sell the finest quality of gloves available in all categories, from dress to riding, from wheelchair to motorcycling. We include gloves made from the best quality of leathers, from Italian lambskin to deerskin. There are over 300 styles of gloves to select from and you are sure to be baffled about the choice!
With our headquarters in South Asia, we have an experienced crew working to create good quality leather products. Leather Jungle takes complete responsibility of the gloves from start till the final packaging. Professional machines and equipment are used to work with the leather and create incredible products.

Leather Gloves

It is the traditions that inspire us the most whenever we create a product. Our gloves are our pride and we do create some finest gloves in the industry.

What really goes into making The Leather Jungle gloves?

The leather used is a by-product of wool and diary industries. It is renewable in nature. It is an animal product, natural making it an easy to wear product. The soft, supple leather is weather, scratch and cut resistant. The color of gloves will never fade away. Each piece that is created contains its own special characteristic which you will not find in a second piece. The gloves that we create are unique and perfect for our customers.

Some glove terms that will help you when you shop

Points: it is the three lines stitching or at times even a single line stitching that is done at the back to make the glove appear decorative.

Fourchettes: these panels are usually given on the inside of some glove fingers.

Quirks: these are usually found only on the hand sewn gloves. They are diamond shape leather pieces that are sewn at the base of fingers to make the gloves extra comfortable.

Button length: this is a measurement that is usually provided in inches from base of thumb to the cuff of the glove.

Leather material that we deal with

Peccary, hairsheep, deer skin, lamb skin, goat skin and cow hide are some of the imported leather material that we deal with. We take extra care to ensure that only the best material gets selected for our products.
We strictly maintain the industry standards while creating gloves and assure quality control procedure for each pretty seriously. Quality control of all the leather products is carried out by a learned professional only. We follow the industrial guidelines strictly.